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At UCCS, it's our goal to fuel success. Our Academics are no exception.

Intense focus on our students, observable quality in our academics and invested faculty members make UCCS a regional destination for those looking to continue their personal success.

Exceptional and rigorous programs in education, engineering, business, nursing, public affairs, health sciences and liberal arts help make UCCS a destination for achieving success, but we pride ourselves in the opportunities available to those who enroll, as well as how we propel our students forward.

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Degrees & Programs

Undergraduate Majors:

Graduate Degrees:

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Post-collegiate Success

Achieving one’s dreams comes only after a journey, and those who put in hard work at UCCS find their investments pay off.

After becoming one of UCCS’ successful alumnus, students find a 7.7 percent annual return on their investment, and hit the job market with a salary of nearly $50,000, according to PayScale.

They also join a growing group of UCCS alums — a valuable network that will provide both companionship and opportunity for all who at one time called UCCS home.

What We're Known For

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At UCCS, we're known for our quality of education and our intense focus on student success.

Students at UCCS aren’t always full-time students, but they are always climbing. They study online, during the weekend and have the ability to tailor their academic schedules with work, internships and the future in mind.

With a 16:1 student to faculty ratio, students find the support they need and are bolstered by UCCS pillars, including the five Centers for Academic Excellence. The centers allow students to hone their skills through collaborative and independent learning in the fields of communication, language, science, math and writing.

These pillars helped elevate our institution to ninth among Western regional universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. In the same report, UCCS ranked in the first tier of all public and private Western regional universities.