Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Experience the Arts at UCCS

At UCCS, we believe in cultivating the next generation of creative artists and providing the local community with enriching art experiences.

Our galleries, theatres, concert halls, and other venues offer countless opportunities for students, their families, and the wider community to immerse themselves in world-renowned art.

Arts & Culture Across Campus

Ent Center

The Ent Center for the Arts is a vibrant hub of arts and culture that serves the entire state.

Since its establishment in 2018, this 92,000-square-foot facility has been a cornerstone of the UCCS campus, providing ample space for visual galleries, recitals, concerts, and other events.

With its state-of-the-art amenities and flexible design, the Ent Center for the Arts is poised to support artistic expression and creativity for years to come.


Theatreworks at UCCS is an award-winning outreach program that produces high-quality plays and offers educational opportunities.

As a professional regional theater company, its focus is to spread enjoyment and education to the region and state.

The talented actors and actresses create engaging and memorable productions that are sure to delight audiences.


The Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA) at UCCS consists of two galleries located in Colorado Springs.

GOCA is known for providing contemporary art experiences to its visitors, with an average of eight shows each year.

These galleries serve a diverse audience of more than 18,000 visitors annually, and they frequently update their exhibitions to offer exciting and dynamic displays.

Visual & Performing Arts Programs

The Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program at UCCS is a cross-disciplinary program that prepares students for careers in various art fields.

The program offers Bachelor of Innovation and Bachelor of Arts degrees, enabling students to pursue studio art, film, museum studies and gallery practice, music, and theatre.

As part of their commitment to arts and culture, the VAPA program trains and develops the next generation of creative and talented artists.