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Arts and Culture at UCCS

UCCS Fuels Success

Training the next generation of creative artists, while supplying our city, region and state with opportunities to engage with the arts. Through our galleries, theatres, concert halls and more, UCCS provides opportunities for students, their families and our community to be exposed to and absorb world-renowned art.

Visual and Performing Arts
Part of our commitment to arts and culture: the VAPA program.
This cross-disciplinary set of programs is focused on training and preparing the next generation of talented and creative artists. Students in this field of programs may seek a Bachelor of Innovation or Bachelor of Arts degree, allowing them to study studio art, film, museum studies and gallery practice, music and theatre.

What Our Students Are Saying

Anna Faye Hunter
Class of 2013
“I didn’t plan on getting involved or doing a show at UCCS, but my cousin pushed me to do so. I got into the show and made all my best friends. And I was really happy. I ended up loving my time at UCCS. My resume is now more extensive than it has ever been, and it gives me consistent opportunities because when you do one thing, it opens up so many avenues. Great things happen in places like Colorado Springs.”
Anna Faye Hunter
A graduate of the UCCS Visual and Performing Arts program, Anna Faye Hunter found something she didn't expect at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs — a thriving arts scene, packed with culture. From the variety of art put forth by UCCS students to the artists attracted to the growing city, Anna Faye found a home she doesn't plan to leave.