Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

Committed to affordable, quality education

At UCCS, we are dedicated to maintaining affordable tuition costs, allowing every student to pursue their academic ambitions. Our in-state tuition rates are among the lowest in Colorado. 


Tuition Calculator

Use our tuition calculator tool to estimate your education cost at UCCS.

Input the relevant information and get an estimate of your tuition expenses, which can help you make informed decisions and plan your finances for college.

Financial Aid Office

Our Financial Aid Office is available to assist you in applying for financial aid to cover the expenses of your college education.

This aid may come in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, and other options.


Each year, UCCS students receive more than $10 million in scholarships each year.

As part of our commitment to students, we'll help you find scholarship opportunities, both private and institutional.

Student Employment Opportunities

UCCS employs 1,800+ students in part-time positions.
By working on campus, students can prioritize their degree while also gaining real-world skills and earning money.

Textbook Affordability & Access Program

The UCCS Textbook Affordability and Access Program (TAAP) provides students with the required course materials they need on or before the first day of class. Students receive all required physical and digital course materials without placing individual orders or paying out of pocket.