Dual Masters - Public Administration & Criminal Justice

Dual Master's Degree

Dual Masters - Public Administration & Criminal Justice

A faculty member gives a presentation to UCCS students.

Dual Master of Public Administration & Master of Criminal Justice

The School of Public Affairs offers a unique opportunity for a dual degree in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. The fields of public administration and criminal justice are closely connected. While the Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a generalist degree designed to prepare students for a variety of positions in public and nonprofit management and policy analysis, the Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) prepares graduates to work in criminal justice organizations.

This dual degree provides an opportunity for students to complete both programs simultaneously in 54 credit hours, instead of 72 credit hours which would be required if completing each degree separately.   Dual degree students will complete the core courses in each program, an internship in their choice of either criminal justice or public administration, a capstone or thesis in either discipline, and will have flexibility in choosing electives from both programs.  Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a number of public service or criminal justice settings.

Students applying to the dual degree program will be reviewed by the program director for each of the programs. It is possible for students currently admitted to one program to apply after admission to the other. The MPA and MCJ program directors serve as advisors for this program. Interested applicants should contact one of the directors prior to making an application. For inquiries regarding MCJ, contact MCJ Director Dr. Jonathan Caudill. For inquiries regarding MPA, contact MPA Director Dr. David Moon.

Resources for Dual MPA & MCJ Students