Official Affiliation & Status (HLC profile). UCCS is accredited through the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500 in Chicago, IL 60604. Telephone 800-621-7440.

2021 assurance review
2026 comprehensive review

Annual Institutional Updates:

Reports to the Higher Learning Commission:

  •          Part 1: Mission and Integrity p1-98, table of contents
  •          Part 2: Preparing for the Future p99-154
  •          Part 3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching p155-218
  •          Part 4: Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge p219-292
  •          Part 5: Engagement and Service p293+
  •          Part 6: index
          1997 Self Study

 Specialized Accreditation for Colleges and Programs:

 U.S. Department of Education:

Colorado Revised Statues with UCCS Mission:

          C.R.S. 23-20-101
          Colorado Revised Statues Online