News & Events

News & Events

Campus News

Communique is the official UCCS news publication.
Communique covers campus announcements, research, and student and alum stories. You can learn about our athletics teams, new developments on campus, and new degree programs.

Campus Events

On-campus activities are an integral part of the student experience at UCCS.
Our active campus hosts hundreds of events each year, ranging from concerts and sports to academics and outdoor activities. These events provide opportunities for current students to meet new friends and connect with fellow students.

UCCS Event Spaces

Ent Center

The Ent Center for the Arts is a vibrant hub of arts and culture that serves the entire state.

Since its establishment in 2018, this 92,000-square-foot facility has been a cornerstone of the UCCS campus, providing ample space for visual galleries, recitals, concerts, and other events.

With its state-of-the-art amenities and flexible design, the Ent Center for the Arts is poised to support artistic expression and creativity for years to come.

UCCS Downtown

UCCS Downtown is a free community space that serves as an intersection of the energy and academics of the University and the culture of downtown Colorado Springs.

UCCS Downtown collaborates with local businesses and organizations to provide a unique working and learning environment that promotes partnerships and community. It's open to UCCS community members, local organizations, and businesses for meetings, classes, receptions, etc.