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The next step in your education will be momentous, and UCCS is the perfect fit to help you discover, develop and achieve your goals. UCCS’ ever-growing campus offers incredible views of Pikes Peak, the inspiration for the writing of ‘America The Beautiful.’ Although a relatively young university, UCCS is a diverse and creative campus offering more than 78 undergraduate and graduate programs, allowing for virtually limitless possibility.

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46 undergraduate degrees

We offer the course of study you desire, and those which are in demand by today’s employers. Together, with our faculty who are experts in their fields, you’ll forge a path towards success.

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Land of 14’ers and endless fun

In Colorado Springs, it’s not hard to reach higher. You’re in the land of 53 14,000-foot mountains, with miles of scenery, and unparalleled opportunity for recreation and entertainment.

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Dynamic growth and opportunity

Colorado Springs is an easy place to call home. Residency grows each year and business is booming. The growth leads to fantastic opportunity for UCCS students, most of whom are employed in their fields of study within a year of graduation.

UCCS is built around supporting our students.

UCCS is built around supporting our students.

Patrick Hannaway
UCCS Graduate

"If you want to become a doctor, you have to bust your butt to do so. I decided to pursue attending UCCS, and I’m happy I did.

The system was set up in a supporting manner. They really take it to heart, the faculty, coordinators, everybody wants you to have a good time, but they need and want you to be successful moving forward.

If you get the chance to interact with the UCCS community, they might just change your life. I will tell you they changed my life forever.”

— Patrick Hannaway, a former UCCS basketball star, is now a successful dentist in Denver.

Meral Sarper
UCCS Graduate

"I went in with everything, and it really worked out. I had to be a risk taker and follow my heart.

As a young student, a recycling program really opened my eyes. I saw just one day of trash at UCCS, so multiply that across the city and state. If I don't start caring about this and inspiring others, then we'll have a huge problem when we start having kids.

There's a ripple effect that happens when you follow your passion. As millennials, we need to rise to the occasion and make that change in the world. And UCCS is where it all started for me.”

— Meral Sarper founded her own sustainability venture after graduating from UCCS.


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