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Freshman Students
Students attending UCCS upon graduating from high school (regardless of number of college credits earned while in high school), or students who attended another college after high school but earned fewer than 13 hours of college credit. 
Transfer Students
Students who are a high school graduate, or have earned a high school equivalency, and have 13 or more college credits after high school (not including college credit earned while in high school).
Graduate Students
Graduate students are those who have already completed a Bachelor's Degree and are pursuing a Master's, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate, or Graduate Non-Degree program.
UCCSConnect - Online
UCCS offers 5 undergraduate degrees, 12 Master’s degrees, a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, and a variety of Graduate Certificates in a convenient online setting.
International Students
Undergraduate foreign students studying in the U.S. under a valid visa and are not residents of U.S. territories (International Graduate students should submit the Graduate Student application).
Academic Outreach
Academic Outreach/Extended Studies programs provide non-traditional educational opportunities for high school students, professionals and life-long learners.
Non-Degree Seeking
Non-degree seeking students are students who wish to take courses at UCCS but are not planning on completing a degree with UCCS.  Includes High School Concurrent enrollment.