Data Analysis

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Earn your Degree in Data Analytics and Systems Engineering

Versatility is a coveted skill by potential employers, and students like you who graduate from the Data Analytics and Systems Engineering (DASE) program display that quality. Through UCCS, you will learn how to get work done efficiently while prioritizing efficiently and accurately using mathematical methods and models to drive strategic decision making. You'll gain skills allowing you to improve a company's quality and productivity, making you indispensable in the workplace.


Immense Opportunity

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Graduates with a DASE degree are in demand by government, healthcare, entertainment, insurance, electronics, finance, shipping, technology, manufacturing industries and more.

Intense Demand

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Demand for students with the DASE degree grew by 72 percent over the last four years in Colorado Springs.

A Lucrative Career

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The most recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found the median annual wage for engineers with a bachelor’s degree was $78,860. The top 10 percent of those engineers earned more than $118,000.

Employers want graduates with this degree.

Headshot photo depicting interim dean Xiaobo Charles Zhou, who is quoted supporting the creation of the DASE program.

"We listened to our industry partners and constructed a degree program based on their feedback.

We designed an undergraduate degree to satisfy the current and future demands for knowledge and skills in industries driven by data – telecommunications, healthcare and e-commerce, just to name a few.

Our faculty really stepped up and built a quality program.”

— Xiaobo "Charles" Zhou, interim dean, professor, College of Engineering and Applied Science