Multicultural Office


UCCS Stands By You
Fueling your success while standing by you

Integral to the success of our University is access for all and inclusiveness of all. With our MOSAIC office, you’ll find a welcoming community of students and staff who serve as a safe support system in which to build relationships and navigate complex social and cultural identities. All students have a place at UCCS, where unique experiences are welcomed.

A Space In Which to Live, Learn and Grow.

  1. Social support and leadership development for students from underserved communities.
  2. Cultural and identity-based education, workshops, programs and events
  3. Community meeting and study spaces for all students
  4. Involvement opportunities in cultural and identity-based student organizations and support groups.
  5. Advising and mentorship for cultural and identity-based student organizations, in partnership with support from our office of Student Life.
  6. Advocacy and mentorship for students from all underserved communities.