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Career-Focused Degrees & Programs

Secure your future. Fuel your career.

Whether you’re seeking a change in your field of employment or looking to take the next step in your career, now could be the right time to invest in your future with a University of Colorado degree from UCCS.

With more than 70 degrees, 100 distinct programs, and flexible online learning options that we’ve finely tuned over decades of practice, we’re proud to allow students like you to craft an educational experience to help achieve your dream.

Our programs have historically led to the success of our graduates, and with our resources at your back, we’re excited for what’s ahead for you. 

A Return On Investment

  1. We pride ourselves in the value of a college degree

    The median salary for a UCCS alum just one year after graduating with a Bachelor's degree is greater than the median salary of any Colorado institutions.


  2. The return on investment has historically continued to grow

    After 10 years, the median salary for UCCS graduates with a Bachelor's degree is greater than $58,700.

  3. Graduate-level studies are also financially rewarding

    The median salary for UCCS graduates with a master's degree or a doctoral degree is $50,996 and $88,660 respectively. 


  4. ROI calculators say the investment in a UCCS education pans out.

    One such calculator, College Factual, notes the investment in a degree at UCCS is connected with an annualized return on investment of 8%. 


Degrees With Career Connections

  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees to fuel in-demand careers

    The UCCS BSW and MSW programs are linked to a direct need in Colorado for social workers. 

    Careers in social work are anticipated to grow 11% in the next decade alone.

    If you have an aptitude for helping others, we encourage you to explore these programs today.

  • An Exploding Career Field

    UCCS offers many pathways into the field of Cyber Security, including the College of Engineering's Computer Science program.

    The field is growing, and careers like Information Security Analysts are expected to expand by 32% in the next decade. 

    If you aspire to plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems, we encourage you to explore this field.

  • Bachelor's and Master's degrees to fuel in-demand careers


    UCCS offers many pathways into the field of business, including our undergraduate and graduate programs in business.

    The field is growing, with jobs such as Management Analysts, expected to grow by 14% in the next decade.

    If you aspire to generate ideas on improving an organization’s efficiency, learn more today.


  • An in-demand career field


    Fueled by a degree plan that allows creativity and flexibility, BACS graduates will enter a career field set to expand rapidly.

    The field offers careers such as Software Developer, which is expected to grow 21% in the next decade.

    If you aspire to create applications or systems to run on a computer or smart device, apply to UCCS today. 


  • RN to BSN & Traditional BSN programs


    For those called to the field of healthcare, the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a top-notch education for a field poised to continue rapidly growing.

    With more than 10 percent job growth in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a median pay of more than $70,000, nurses are set to have a secure future.

    UCCS has been fueling the success of nurses for decades, and we encourage you to learn more about both our undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. 


Certificates to Fuel Careers

  • Certificate Options in the Teaching Field

    Inclusive Behavior Certificate

    • The Inclusive Behavior Intervention Certificate Program is a seven-course (21-credit) certification focused on inclusive and comprehensive behavior intervention. There is a serious shortage of qualified teachers with skills to effectively implement inclusive behavior intervention strategies in the Pikes Peak Region schools as well as across the state and beyond. This 21 credit seven-course sequence meets the minimum content hour requirements for Board Certified Behavior Analyst eligibility. This program provides the coursework for students to complete the additional requirements to become licensed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), which would require them to complete independent practicum hours and pass the BCBA exam.

    Instructional Technology Certificate 

    • This online certificate prepares teachers at all levels to use technology to enhance their teaching methodologies and reach the next generation of learners, who expect to learn using technology. The program consists of 12 credit hours, all of which are offered online. All courses are offered in a convenient online format and will transfer into our Online Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Participants will have the opportunity to learn: Lesson planning, evaluate web-based educational resources, incorporate the use of the internet into any curriculum, and develop interactive multimedia lessons.

    TESL/TEFL (Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language) Certificate 

  • Principal and Administrator Licensure Program (24-credit hour gainful employment certificate)

    • The program is designed for individuals who seek Principal or Administrator Licensure through the CDE, or for individuals who wish to serve as non-administrator leaders in the schools and school community. Specific eligibility requirements for licensure should be discussed with a faculty advisor prior to enrollment. The Educational Leadership Program’s underlying philosophy is that quality instructional leaders, whether classroom teachers or administrators, are essential to effective schools.

    Director of Special Education License (9-credit hours) 

    • This program is designed to ensure the development of educational leaders who can transform schools into dynamic learning communities in which all members of a diverse society are afforded opportunity and respect. The curriculum has been developed on a foundation of research in the areas of organizational leadership, inclusive leadership, instructional leadership, professionalism, and student learning management. These programs satisfy accreditation requirements of the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.
  • Professional Advancement Certificate in Gerontology (Professional)

      Explore this certificate

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods

    Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies

    Graduate Certificate in Sociology of Diversity

    Graduate Certificate in Teaching Sociology

    Undergraduate Certificate in Criminology and Justice Studies

    Undergraduate Certificate in Disability Studies

    Undergraduate Certificate in Family and Child Studies

    Undergraduate Certificate in Social Dimensions of Health and Health Care

    Undergraduate Certificate in Sociology of Diversity


  • Gender and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Certificate (WEST)

    Global Studies Undergraduate Certificate (WEST)

    Latino/a Studies Undergraduate Certificate (WEST)

    Native American and Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Certificate (WEST)

  • Inactive nurses, or those who feel out of touch with modern practices, have the opportunity to take a refresher course through the historic and highly-ranked Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. 

    Learn more about this certificate program