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Cybersecurity at UCCS

As the world continues to rely on technology - cybersecurity has become one of the fastest-growing career fields in the nation. UCCS prepares future cybersecurity professionals for a career dedicated to protecting our communities from cybercrime.

Since 2020, UCCS has awarded over $500,000 in SFS scholarships to students and has secured more than $19m in grant funding to nurture and grow the UCCS Cybersecurity program. UCCS offers a wide variety of cybersecurity educational opportunities across multiple colleges, with over 20 degrees and programs focused on cybersecurity.

Career Opportunities

Located amongst five military bases, Colorado Springs is an epicenter of the rapidly-growing aerospace and defense industries. In addition to military facilities, Colorado Springs is home to 250+ Aerospace and Defense companies.

Support for Students

The Cybersecurity program provides students with an abundance of tools and resources to aid in their success; through Academic Support Centers, active student organizations, and financial aid options created for cybersecurity students. 

NSA Accreditation

UCCS is proud to be accredited as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) for Cyber Defense by the US National Security Administration (NSA). This accreditation acknowledges that UCCS provides the highest quality of cybersecurity education available in the nation.

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Katrina Rosemond

Current UCCS Graduate Student

“In cybersecurity, you’ll never be bored. There’s always a way someone can hack or disrupt your system. We designed these systems and because we as humans are flawed, our systems are flawed - so we need cybersecurity experts.”

Steven Cruz

Current UCCS Graduate Student

“Working here as a graduate student in an engineering lab has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge and experience that I can go ahead and implement in my career one day after graduation."

Jaidie Vargas

Cybersecurity Professional

"I did 8 years almost of active duty in the Navy. That’s when I was introduced to IT and cybersecurity fields and I completely fell in love with the industry."

Erin Miller


“Every day I get to show up to work and think about how we’re going to secure our global space systems - which is a pretty big undertaking, pulling together the global space community to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats.”