Textbook Affordability and Access Program (TAAP)


Textbook Affordability and Access Program

Helping Students Start Ahead of the Curve

The UCCS Textbook Affordability and Access Program (TAAP) initiative provides an innovative, personalized, and affordable course material experience for all students.

About the Program

Easy and Affordable Access to Textbooks

How does it work?
On or before the first day of class, students will receive all required physical and digital course materials without having to place individual orders or pay out of pocket.

All students are automatically enrolled in the TAAP program with the option to “TAAP out”. The program will provide recommendations to TAAP out if the individual course material item(s) are less than the total credit hour cost (TAAP cost). Students have the option of TAAPing back into the program once TAAPed out, up until the TAAP out deadline.

What are the costs?
The TAAP cost is calculated on a $22, flat amount per credit hour, regardless of how much each individual textbook costs. Financial aid and special accounts to be announced.

Benefits of TAAP

What are the Benefits?
TAAP provides students with the affordable course materials they need in order to succeed. Students no longer need to take the time or effort to search for the textbooks they need. TAAP takes care of it all, leaving students time to concentrate on their studies and community life.

Minimal effort with maximum outcomes!

TAAP Benefits:

  • High-quality, low-cost course materials for all of a student’s registered courses.
  • A personalized website experience that shows students all their registered courses and the course materials they will receive.
  • Delivery/pick-up of all materials on or prior to the first day of class.
  • No additional out-of-pocket textbook costs.
  • An integrated system where digital materials are easily referenced through Canvas.
  • A Learner Experience team that works year-round with 24/7 support during the back-to-school season.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Students: Receive all course materials by the first day of class at an affordable price. No special action, knowledge, or at-hand funds needed.
  • Faculty: Complete academic freedom to select course materials (including OER). Access to an easy-to-use adoption tool. Start teaching class with all students prepared.
  • Administrators: Better retention rates and more affordable cost of education. Access to adoption cost insights to recommend lower-cost materials.
  • Bookstore: More accurately predict and source texts, taking on less risk. Buys and ships in bulk to lower the cost per unit. Benefits from aggregate purchasing and can leverage that to negotiate costs.
  • Publishers: Predictable and guaranteed quantities based on bookstore ordering to cap. Earlier and fixed adoption deadlines provide longer lead time to print and supply.

For questions about the program, connect with the UCCS Bookstore

TAAP in Two Steps:

Step 1

Faculty select the course materials they want to use and submit it through the TAAP website, uccs.textbookx.com

Our TAAP partner at Akademos then source materials in physical and digital formats.

Step 2

Once students are registered for the term, Akademos compiles required materials for students.

Physical textbooks and materials will be available for pick-up at The UCCS Bookstore or delivery as requested.

Digital course material is accessed through your Canvas account

TAAP Partner

UCCS partners with Akademos, Inc. to deliver TAAP with the goal of ensuring all students have the materials they need at an affordable price. Akademos is an industry leader in online and hybrid bookstore solutions.

Through its integrated platform students can visit the program’s website to review the course materials they will receive along with where and how to access them.

Student FAQs

Explore commonly asked questions about TAAP at UCCS.

Program Questions
Where can I find my required course materials with everything I need for the term?
Is this a university-wide program?
Does this cover all terms?
Can I choose not to participate and order books from someplace else?
Can I change my mind to TAAP in or TAAP out?
Do I have to verify my order before it is delivered?
Are the required course materials associated with my courses physical or digital?
One of the items I am receiving is a digital text. Can I get a physical book instead?
Can I buy other things on the website?
Do I need to return physical books at the end of the term?
Access Questions
Where do I pick up my physical books?

Faculty FAQs

Program Questions
What is the Textbook Affordability and Access Program (TAAP)?
What are the benefits of this program?
What are the dynamics of the TAAP economics model that makes the program feasible for publishers, Akademos, and the UCCS Bookstore while ensuring the student affordability and earliest access?
Who participates in TAAP?
Can students opt out? If yes, how?
What course material formats are included in the program?
How much does this cost?
Adopting course materials
How do I adopt course materials?
When are course materials adoptions due?
How does the TAAP website work?
What kinds of materials can I adopt to my course?
I have created my own course materials in the past. How should I proceed?
My class doesn’t use textbooks or I use OER materials. Would students still have to pay?
If I want to change the text I adopted, what should I do?
How do I use my own textbook?
Access Questions
How do students receive their physical materials?
How do students access digital course materials?
Learner Experience Questions
Where should I send my students if they need help?
Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the program?
Where do I go if I’m having trouble setting up publisher courseware (Cengage, Pearson, McGraw Hill, etc.)
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