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UCCS offers over $45 million annually in financial aid through scholarships, grants, and other financial aid programs. Start your scholarship application today.

Application Deadline

The deadline for scholarship applications and FAFSA is March 1st, 2022.

FAFSA Requirement

Submitting your FAFSA is required to be considered for grants, work-study, student and parent loans, as well as some scholarships.

More Information

For more information regarding UCCS Scholarships, please visit the UCCS Office of Financial Aid's website.

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Past Scholarship Recipients

Karel's Scholarship Story
Karel Hernández-Bandrich

"Receiving a scholarship is a game-changer for any student. For some, a scholarship might mean the difference between going to college or not; for others like me, it might open the door to opportunities such as studying abroad. The friends and the experiences I have had at CLC have made college one of the best times of my life."

Emily's Scholarship Story
Emily Aragon

“It has made all the difference in the world that my scholarships allow me to attend school without having to work additional jobs or carry the burden of student debt. I would not be where I am today if it were not for each of the scholarship programs I have had the pleasure of being a part of.”