MPA Program Requirements

Public Administration Program Requirements

Before you can play a vital role in transforming lives, you must apply to the UCCS graduate school within the School of Public Affairs.

Admission Requirements: In order to be admitted, you will need...

  1. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited university in any field with grades sufficiently high enough to indicate the ability to pursue graduate work.
  2. A willingness to work for this degree!

    We don't require a GRE for admittance to this program.

  3. A complete online application for UCCS graduate school, including the statement of your goals, three letters of recommendation, your resume, official transcripts and a non-refundable application fee.

Degree Requirements: In order to earn this degree, you will need...

  1. To complete a minimum of 36 hours of graduate work with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

    Students must earn grades of B- or better in all courses applied to the degree. The 36 hours will include 18 hours of core courses, 9-15 hours of electives (depending on need for internship and choice of capstone or thesis) and a Capstone Seminar (three hours) or a thesis (six hours).

  2. Students with experience in the public sector, non profit work or relevant private-sector service may be excused from a field study.

    If no such experience is posessed, a field study (three credits) must be completed.