Graduate History

The history program at UCCS is rich with knowledge. Students can take courses online or in person.

Explore the Possibilities of a Master's Degree in History

Striving for a Master’s Degree in History at UCCS will expose you to a breadth of regions, time periods, and historical approaches. You'll study, research, and write on three distinct fields of history while tailoring their individual research topics to their own specific thematic or theoretical interests.


Develop your skills

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You’ll have the opportunity to hone skills in many ways outside the classroom, including academic research, professional development opportunities and much more at UCCS and beyond.

Hands-on experience

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Engage in professional work as a graduate student intern at a museum, archives department, or other regional and national organization.

Designed around you

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Our courses are small-sized and rigorous. For the convenience of working students, graduate classes meet just once weekly after standard work hours.

UCCS is built around supporting our students.

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"I would come home from the biology lab and pick up a history book and start reading it because that was naturally what I wanted to do. It seemed like the thing I ought to do with my life.

I just wanted to have as much knowledge about the world as I could possibly get.

I get to be an economist when I’m studying something about economy in the past. I get to be a philosopher when I’m reading about how philosophical ideas get translated. I get to be a sociologist and a criminologist. History allows you to do what you want.

I want students to engage history with all their senses, beyond words on the text, to try to engage the past also by hearing, seeing and touching it, and then analyzing the historical meaning of what they’ve just encountered.”

— Paul Harvey, a CU System distinguished professor, has a profound impact on students.