Graduate Engineering and Applied Sciences

Students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences can take classes in person, online or both!

Achieve Your Dreams in Engineering

Follow your ideas and passions to solve the world's needs. We have the degrees and flexibility to help you meet your goals. From computer science to innovation to online graduate certificates, expand your future with the College of Engineering and Applied Science.


Proven career booster

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Ninety-four percent of recent graduate rated the program helpful to critically helpful in their career.

Flexible programs

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The UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers four Master of Engineering online degrees that can be completed from anywhere, plus a variety of Masters, Ph.D and certificates programs offered on campus.

Nationally recognized

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The online graduate College of Engineering and Applied Sciences program is the top-ranked offering in Colorado, according to the U.S. News & World Report.

UCCS is built around supporting our students.

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"It really was a rewarding experience and helped round out my education.

I had to learn what each member of my team was good at (in class), what they enjoyed, their strengths and weaknesses, and apply that to the project.

All of my professors at UCCS really wanted to help me with my future career, not just help me achieve good grades while I was a student.”

— Kaleen Masse, a successful UCCS College of Engineering & Applied Sciences grad.