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Going Greek is not just joining a club. A fraternity and sorority is an organization that gives you the opportunity to do great things during and after your college experience. You will build relationships that are unlike your other friendships due to the common goals and values you may have. There will be many opportunities such as community service, leadership, academic, and professional development. Not to mention educating those around you that Fraternity and Sorority Life is greater and more positive than what you see on television. You have the opportunity to break the stereotypes and do great things for you community and beyond! If changing the world is something you are interested in then the Fraternity and Sorority Community is for you! Just remember, joining a fraternity or sorority is not “4” years,  it’s for life.


UCCS was founded in 1965. Enrollment increased steadily through the 1990s. In response to this, Pi Beta Phi became UCCS' first Greek letter organization in 2002. Pi Beta Phi filled the desire for a recognized, social organization.

A second spike in enrollment during the mid 2000’s saw the addition of six further chapters (three of those are still active). 

A second sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, colonized in 2007. Two additional fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 2010 and Alpha Sigma Phi in 2014, added more options to the Greek experience. We also have three multi-cultural organizations: Kappa Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Theta (founded in 2014), and Zeta Phi Beta.

Why FSL?

  • The Fraternity and Sorority Community at UCCS prides itself in a small, tight-knit community where all organizations support and function collectively.
  • The average chapter size ranges from 40-60 members, offering the ability to learn about and get to know all women and men.
  • Fraternities and Sororities partner with the university regularly on functions such as Clyde’s Kickoff, Community Service, and proactive initiatives to educate students about the dangers of hazing, relationship violence, drugs and alcohol.
  • The community offers many opportunities to join. Sororities host formal recruitment in the fall and continuous open bidding in the spring. Fraternities offer two formal recruitment periods at the beginning of each semester, and continuous open bidding after.
  • UCCS has three councils that remain highly active in advocating for the betterment of the greek community: Greek President’s Council, College Panhellenic Council, and Inter-Fraternity Council.
  • UCCS Fraternities and Sororities value the importance of academic success and contribute to a student’s scholarly experience by providing a community with an average grade point average of 3.0.
  • Fraternities and Sororities offer experience in event planning, education, philanthropy and community service.