Complete Your Degree

Your Education is Our Priority

Advance your career by completing your college degree

Returning UCCS students receive priority admission processing when reapplying for a degree program.

Flexible Scheduling

Online, on-campus, and hybrid options are available for most classes available at UCCS.

Financial Support Opportunties

UCCS offers $11,000 per year in grant funding to support your degree completion.

Additional Resources

UCCS supports your learning with free Chromebooks for all enrolled students.

Schedules Designed With You in Mind

Whether you want to work and go to school at the same time or would simply benefit from a college experience that fits your schedule, University of Colorado Colorado Springs professors bring decades of experience in fueling your success in the classroom, online, and on nights and weekends.

Our flexibility, paired with the value of a University of Colorado degree, presents an unparalleled opportunity to advance your education and land the career of your dreams.

Affordable Tuition for Everyone

Our competitive in-state tuition will not increase in the coming academic year as we return to campus for fall classes and programs. At UCCS, our mission is to ensure access to quality higher education.

From loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study, we can help you access all of the aid options possible. Even though the world is changing fast, the investment in your future is not something you have to put on hold.

Support for Students

We know you're on a mission to earn your degree and turn your dreams into reality. That's why UCCS is providing all full-time incoming undergraduate students a Chromebook for the duration of their UCCS academic career. 

Between financial challenges and the need for educational tools, we're confident our Chromebook program will allow students flexibility and access to technology. We look forward to fueling your success.

Further Your Career

Career-ready rigor isn’t just a slogan. It describes the quality of education students like you receive at UCCS from faculty members with real-world experience. UCCS is an institution that prides itself on quality education and connections with over 6,000 employers.

Gain the knowledge and connections needed to advance your career by finishing your degree at UCCS.