We're Beyond Grateful

This photo shows multiple students holding up signs while smiling. Their signs say "Beyond grateful" and additional text in this image reads "WE ARE BEYOND GRATEFUL"


Beyond Grateful
We asked. They shared. For UCCS students and alumni, you make a difference.

In these extraordinary times, faculty and staff at UCCS are working harder than ever to support our students. The UCCS Gratitude Project reminds us why we keep going: because we can build bridges between students and their dreams of a brighter future. In their own words, students shared why your efforts mean the world.



"I cannot thank everyone enough for continuing to make my experience here at UCCS absolutely amazing."


"I am proud to be graduating at the age of 55 with an Inclusive Early Education Degree after working full-time as a teacher and going to college at night for five years.  Thank you for helping me reach my goal in life.  It's never too late to go back to school."


"I truly believe my time at UCCS prepared me for my career. I was able to start a job with confidence knowing I graduated from a great school and was armed with the know-how required to be successful."


"UCCS is the third college I have attended and has definitely been the best experience I had."


"UCCS is an extraordinary campus in that the environment is rich in personality, caring for students, history, culture and opportunities. I wouldn’t trade my undergrad experience for the world!"


"I am a disabled veteran and this graduation means so much to me."


"I loved my experience at UCCS and I’ll miss it so much!"


"It’s been a great two and half years with this school. Never thought I would make it this far. Thank you for the support and helping me though everything!"


"I really enjoyed my time at UCCS. From the staff to my peers and the many clubs and organizations, I felt very much at home in this school."


"The aspect I love most about college, and UCCS specifically, is the faculty; I have not had one teacher to date that I feel did not care about their students."


"I have loved my time at UCCS, to the point where I decided to return to pursue a master’s degree. The location, professors and students are all awesome and I would recommend the school to anyone who asked!"


"With the incredible faculty, rich courses, and campus community, I have been able to see so many exciting futures and doors that I am an entirely new person."


"In the first to graduate from college in my entire family."


"It has opened doors that I never imagined would be available to me."


"My most favorable aspects of college thus far is making connections with others. Creating connections and relationships with not only students, but instructors and campus staff, opens doors to amazing opportunities."


"The most enjoyable aspect of college to me has been the opportunity to connect with many of the faculty at UCCS, all experts in their respective fields and willing to share their experiences and wisdom with students."


"Graduating college was a life goal of mine and it's finally been achieved. I can’t explain how thankful I am for this campus and its staff to have helped make all this possible."