Director's Den

Director's Den

A word from Director of Admissions Chris Beiswanger

Chris Beiswanger is the Director of Admissions at UCCS.  He has been part of the Mountain Lion Family for more than 15 years.

Chris is an avid trail runner, enjoys the outdoors and kayaking with his family, is trying to learn how to play an instrument, and really appreciates the food and culture scene of the Pikes Peak region.

He is looking forward to bringing frequent updates, notes and thoughts throughout the year to this space.


Upcoming Parent Events

Director’s Den: Taco Thursday with Dr. Bell and Dr. Bell

No, that’s not a typo. In the next Director’s Den, Chris Beiswanger will be joined by one of UCCS’ many “campus couples” to talk with parents of prospective students.

Dr. Megan Bell is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and a professor in the College of Education. Dr. Chris Bell is an Associate Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Communication. Join us to learn about how UCCS has evolved student engagement and support inside and outside of the classroom from the leadership and faculty perspective. We’ll also delve into Megan’s love of scarves and Chris’ passion for pop culture. 100% guarantee they will make fun of each other!

Recipe for Taco Thursday included on registration page!

Thursday, November 19 at 7:00pm

Director's Den | October 21, 2020

The other night while working on email, I had the TV on in the background. While American Ninja Warrior is not committed weekly viewing, I enjoy watching when I catch it. But this episode really threw me for a loop when I saw one of my former Gateway Program Seminar students, Ryan, on the sidelines cheering on a competitor! He apparently did his run earlier in the episode, so I’m bummed I missed that. When I met Ryan as a freshman, he was very clear – he wanted to compete in Ninja Warrior events. He was training and balancing that with school. His passion was evident, but he was a pretty quiet kid. However, when I asked him about his plan, training and goals –  he beamed. He knew what he wanted and he was, and is, going after it. I wish him all the best and might have to tune in more regularly…

As you move forward with all the various applications you have submitted, I strongly encourage you to get all of your plans and goals together. Colleges and universities do not follow the same schedule with deadlines, so I highly recommend putting the deadlines and priority dates in your phone calendar so you don’t forget.


  • Oct. 1 – FAFSA is open to submit to UCCS and other colleges
  • December 1 – UCCS Housing Application and Scholarship Application are open for admitted students to submit.
  • February 1 – Early Scholarship Deadline
  • March 1 – FAFSA Priority Date and Final Scholarship Deadline*

Enjoy the fall colors and hopefully you can make it campus soon!

(*Final scholarship deadline for most awards for freshmen applicants.  A few transfer student awards have later deadlines)

Director's Den | October 2, 2020

If you missed us last night at the first Director's Den we have loaded it here for you.

Director's Den | September 24, 2020

Fall is by far my favorite season - cooler running temps, leaves changing bring a new palate of colors to nature, the use of the word "autumnal", and... sweaters. I REALLY love sweaters. As I am not a coffee-guy, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are not for me, but I'll occasionally get one for the sleep student worker on the morning shift.

October also brings a lot of events, important dates, and opportunities to engage, so to start the month:

More engaging events and opportunities can always be found here: DISCOVER UCCS

Hopefully you can join our Dean and me on Thursday night as I am anticipating a lively conversation!

Autumnal greetings,

Director's Den | September 14, 2020

It feels good to have the semester underway. Tuesdays are the busiest days on campus thus far. NO ONE is upset about parking! And Café 65 is making my favorite breakfast burrito again, so it feels great to be back on campus. 

But it is weird too. It was always going to be weird not seeing as many students on campus as usual. However, hearing that many students have adjusted, like, and are thriving in this modified learning environment gives me, and many, a feeling of confidence.

I have always thought of college as a time of evolution. For both student and campus. We, as a university, must be responsive and provide the best environment possible for students to learn and grow. Students, in partnership, must take advantage and maximize all those opportunities provided.  I know it is easier said than done and will certainly be harder this year. But college is that laboratory to try hard things, have successes and failures to learn from, and then take those lesson into the professional world after college.  It will all still work – it is just going to be weird.  But maybe the “new normal” we all are adapting to will always be weird. And weird is not always bad because it forces us to think creatively. 

We pride ourselves on innovative thinking at UCCS and foster that in all our students. Times will always be challenging, but we can be problem-solvers and at least make them “precedented” going forward. That is where we will find out normalcy and comfort. 

My team in the Office of Admissions has been innovative in creating numerous engaging events and information sessions each week. While we will not be traveling, we will be “Zoom-ing” like never before. I encourage you to discover all the opportunities to engage with me, my team, and our campus community by clicking below and learning about all the ways we fuel success at UCCS.

Weird is normal,