Welcome to the Department of Languages and Cultures

Welcome to the Department of Languages and Cultures

Academic Programs

The Languages and Cultures Department offers academic programs for Spanish majors and minors. We also offer minors in American Sign Language, French, German, and Japanese along with courses in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Latin, and Russian.

Placement and diagnostic language proficiency testing

To begin proficiency testing contact the respective faculty member of the language that you wish to have placement in.

Contact Us

Languages and Cultures Department
(719) 255-3563
Location: DWIR 249
Fax: (719) 255-3146

About Us

Core Values

By integrating second-language acquisition with a culture-based communicative approach, the faculty of the Department of Languages and Cultures is committed to providing students with academically rigorous, life enriching experiences that advance knowledge in a spirit of discovery through theory-based cultural exploration and analysis. These goals contribute and reflect the campus´ mission and goals regarding diversity, global outreach, awareness and understanding. The objective of the Department is to provide students with the linguistic and intellectual bases and structures necessary for critically assessing and living in the pluridisciplinary, multicultural and global environment of the modern world.

We aim at providing students with an excellent education in an environment that stimulates their intellect and awakens their interest in the human spirit. At the core of our mission is facilitating the tools that will allow our students to grow into aware, fulfilled members of our global society.