OIT Wireless Networks

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The UCCS Wireless Networks

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs wireless environment is composed of over 1,400 access points, allowing for easy Internet access from within any building on campus.  Access is permitted to all students, faculty, staff, and guests of the university.  Different access levels with different security requirements are provided through a number of different wireless networks. In order to gain full access, an account is required.  For students, faculty, and staff, your UCCS login and password are what you will use to log on to the UCCS-Wireless network.  If you are a guest, you can create a temporary account by first accessing the UCCS-Guest network, and then using your temporary account to access the UCCS-Wireless network.  Alternatively, guest accounts can be requested from the computing services help desk, located on the first floor of the El Pomar Center, located underneath the clock tower.

Up-to-date information about the network status and outages can be found at uccs.info.  Additional information can be found at the UCCS's Office of Information Technology web site.


Access Policies

Anyone connecting to the UCCS Wireless network is required to comply with the UCCS and CU Information Technology Policies.  These can be found at the following links:


Available Networks

When you browse through available wireless networks on a device, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you are generally presented with a list of network names.  Two different wireless networks are present everywhere on the UCCS campus, each providing a different level of service.  The names of these networks are UCCS-Wireless and UCCS-Guest.



UCCS-Wireless is the general-purpose, full-access, secure network intended to be used by all students, faculty, and staff.  This network uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption to ensure security.  This network provides full access to the Internet.

At the time that you connect to the network, you should be prompted for a username and password.  If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, these will be the same username and password that you use for everything else on campus, such as accessing email or lab computers.  If you are a guest, your username and password will be provided as part of your temporary account created while on the UCCS-Guest network, or provided by the OIT Help Desk.

If this is the first time you are accessing the UCCS-Wireless network on a specific device, your first attempt to access a web page may be rerouted to our Network Access Control (NAC) page, depending on which type of device you are using to connect.  At this point, you can make a choice between being granted Full Access or Limited Access.  In order to be granted Full Access, we require users of this network to install a lightweight client known as SafeConnect in order to be allowed full access.  SafeConnect itself does not enforce any policies on your device, but rather checks to make sure that your operating system is up-to-date, and that you have some form of anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed. A full list of NAC requirements can be found on the NAC requirements page. The process of downloading and installing the SafeConnect program typically takes under a minute.  Once SafeConnect is installed, you will either be granted full access, or you will be directed to instructions explaining how to update your computer to be in full compliance.  Additionally, after SafeConnect is installed, you should not need to visit the Network Access Control page again.  From this point on, you should have full access to the Internet.  After SafeConnect has been installed for the first time, you should immediately have access to the network as soon as you connect to UCCS-Wireless from this point forward (ie... you don't have to install the SafeConnect client every time you try to connect to UCCS-Wireless.  That is, unless you have uninstalled the client).

The second option is Limited Access.  This option is for people who can not or do not want to install the SafeConnect client.  Picking this option will still grant you access to the Internet, but with several restrictions on which types of connections are allowed.  Basic web browsing is allowed (HTTP and HTTPS), along with off-campus SSH and VPN connections. 



UCCS-Guest is an open network which does not require any username or password to use.  This network does not provide full Internet access. 

Guests will be prompted with a Captive Portal were they can choose from several options.

Single Click Access is a way to quickly get internet access to resources on the world wide web for a single day. The Single Click Access is designed for temporary, day visitors to campus. Some ports are blocked for security reasons and data usage is capped.

The UCCS-Guest network can also be used to create a temporary account that can then be used to access the UCCS-Wireless wireless network.  These temporary accounts are active for a week from the point in time they are created, and can be used to log in to the UCCS-Wireless network in order to gain Internet access.  The username and password for these temporary accounts can be delivered to the guest either by email, or through a text message to their phone.  Additionally, guests accounts can be obtained by visiting the Office of Information Technology Help Desk. For hours and location see there Get Help page.