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Access Policies

Anyone connecting to any UCCS wireless network are required to comply with the UCCS and CU Information Technology Policies. These can be found at the following links:

Wireless Network Status

Status Network Name Notes
online Up UCCS-Wireless Operational
online Up UCCS-Guest Operational
paused Up eduroam Operational

Known down APs:

  • The outdoor AP that services lot 176 on the east side of ECFA

Available Wireless Networks

Three different wireless networks are present throughout the UCCS campus, each providing a different level of service. The names of these three wireless networks are UCCS-Wireless, UCCS-Guest, and eduroam.

What network should I connect to?
I have a UCCS username & password because I am a UCCS student/faculty/staff/etc... I don't have a UCCS username & password and I'm not from an eduroam institute... I am visiting from an eduroam participating institute...
Connect to UCCS-Wireless Connect to UCCS-Guest Connect to eduroam

 Click one of the wireless network names below for more details:

• Secure & Encrypted Wireless • Access to the Internet and On-Campus Resources • Unlimited GB per day

UCCS-Wireless is the full-access secure network intended to be used by all students, faculty, and staff. This network uses WPA2 Enterprise encryption to ensure security. This network provides full access to the Internet. This network requires a username and password to join.

At the time that you connect to this wireless network, you should be prompted for a username and password. If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, this will be the same username and password that you use for everything else on campus such as accessing email or lab computers.

If you are a guest, you can visit this site to request a temporary username and password. You can also find more detailed steps & instructions here for requesting a guest account. You can also request a guest username and password by calling or visiting the OIT Help Desk. Also note that the first time you connect to this network, you will be asked to trust our server's security certificate. For more information visit Information about Wireless Certificates.


• Unsecure & Unencrypted Wireless • Internet access only • No Access to On-Campus Resources • 1 GB data limit per day

UCCS-Guest is an open (unsecure) network which does not require any username or password to join - similar to your experience at a place such as a coffee shop. This network does not provide full access. It offers basic http and https access (for general web browsing), but no access to on-campus resources such as network drives. Advanced functionality is limited (some ports and applications are blocked). Should you need access to on-campus resources such as shared network drives, you will need to utilize the UCCS-Wireless network.

Once you connect to the UCCS-Guest network, launch a web browser and you will be prompted with a Captive Portal were you can choose from several options. The options available are outlined below...


  • Single-click Access - This option is an easy way to quickly get internet access to resources on the world wide web for a single day. The Single Click Access is designed for temporary, day visitors to campus. Some ports are blocked for security reasons and data usage is capped. When you choose this option, you stay on the UCCS-Guest network, and no username or password is needed. This option provides basic internet access.
  • Create Guest Account - You can use this option to request a temporary username and password from OIT that can then be used to join the UCCS-Wireless network. These temporary accounts are active for a week from the point in time they are created, and can be used to log in to the UCCS-Wireless network (which is secure) in order to gain Internet access and access to on-campus resources. The username and password for these temporary accounts can be delivered to the guest either by email, or through a text message to their phone.  Additionally, guests accounts can be obtained by visiting the Office of Information Technology Help Desk. For hours and location see the Get Help page.
  • Social Login - This new feature is coming soon.
  • Eduroam - If you are from an eduroam participating institute, you can connect to the eduroam wireless network rather than the UCCS-Guest network.


• Secure & Encrypted Wireless • Access to the Internet and On-Campus Resources • Unlimited GB per day

For detailed information about this network, please visit out our eduroam KB article.

What is eduroam?
eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers, faculty and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campuses and when visiting other participating institutions. In other words, if you visit another participating campus, you would connect to the eduroam wireless network there and enter your UCCS username and password as your credentials in order to gain wireless internet access at that location.

Our institution already has great wireless. Why do I need eduroam?
eduroam is not a replacement to our guest network, it is a complement to make the guest network and our community compatible with other eduroam participants.

Who can use the eduroam wireless network?
Anyone from a participating institution. This facilitates productivity for visiting faculty, students, and employees while away from home, without any additional configuration to their computers or mobile devices.


Need Help Getting Connected?

If you have a UCCS username and password, choose the device type below for help getting connected. If you are from an eduroam institute, click here for help. If you are a guest, click here for help.

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Wireless News

☛ Windows 7 support ended January 14, 2020. We highly recommend upgrading to a more recent version of Windows.

☛ Wireless Network Technician Cody Ensanian was interviewed for an article featured in EdTech Magazine.

☛ The Outdoor Wireless Project is complete! Check out the article by the Scribe!

eduroam wireless service is live! For detailed information about this network, please visit out our eduroam KB article.


Page last updated: March 13, 2020