Radu Cascaval Ph.D.

The MathOnline program at UCCS has been providing high-quality university math courses to a wide audience outside of the UCCS campus, allowing qualified high school students and post high school students to enroll for credit in UCCS courses without having to physically be on campus. Anyone meeting the educational background requirements for each specific course is welcome. The program is well-suited for the thousands of high school students throughout the country who have completed their high school mathematics courses before their senior year, but it is seeing an increasing number of post-high school students who choose the convenience and quality of our program to fulfill various requirements or simply their continuing education desires.

Most MathOnline courses run synchronous to the corresponding University of Colorado Colorado Springs math courses (Fall and Spring semesters). We use the latest technology for capturing lectures (via Mediasite servers), which gives you access to the course through a dual video feed, one that focuses on the whiteboard and the other that captures the entire front of the class. This gives a very realistic feeling to the lectures.

MathOnline course credits are transferrable to many top-tier institutions across the country, and not just Colorado Institutions.

Radu Cascaval Ph.D.
UCCS MathOnline Director


Math online true university mathematics on the web.
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During the past two years we have been busy implementing some exciting technology upgrades, so now all the MathOnline courses are delivered via a state-of-the-art platform, Mediasite.

Please note that in addition to the regular credit sections, we are offering noncredit/audit sections of all MathOnline courses for qualified individuals who desire to take quality university-level courses but do not need university credits. Noncredit/audit students have the same level of access to the instructors as the credit students, receive a verifiable certificate of completion and may also request an official noncredit transcript from UCCS.