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MATH 2150
Discrete Mathematics
Not Available
MATH 3110
Theory of Numbers
MATH 3400
Intro to Differential Equations
MATH 3410
Intro to Analysis
MATH 3810
Intro to Probability and Statistics
MATH 4130
Linear Algebra I
MATH 4140
Modern Algebra I
MATH 4210
Higher Geometry
  • Fall 2008* | Dr. Jenny Dorrington (Permission not granted)  
MATH 4250
Chaotic Dynamical Systems
MATH 4310
Modern Analysis I
MATH 4320
Modern Analysis II
MATH 4420
Intro to Optimization
MATH 4430
Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 4470
Methods of Applied Math
MATH 4480
Mathematical Modeling
MATH 4810
Mathematical Statistics I
MATH 4820
Mathematical Statistics II
MATH 4830
Linear Statistical Models
MATH 5330
Real Analysis
MATH 5350
Applied Functional Analysis
International Conference on Nonlinear Waves, Integrable Systems and Their Applications, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Boulder,
June 4-8, 2005