Welcome to Café Scientifique!Colorado Springs' Café Scientifique are Held on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Campus at Clyde's Pub.

What Is a Café?

The idea behind the Café Scientifique began a few years ago in England, inspired by the French Café Philosophique. In the Café Scientifique, people (often science buffs) come together in a friendly pub after work or after school. An expert starts out with an informal introduction to an interesting current scientific topic. Then for an hour or so there are questions and answers and general discussion. There is an opportunity for everyone to ask questions, and questions beginning with "This might be a dumb question, but..." are more than welcome; these questions are invariably not dumb and often rather insightful.

Barring conflicts, such as election day or a global pandemic, these events are held the second Tuesday in February, April, September, and November.

Dear Café Goers, Our Next Café is...

Funding for the Colorado Springs Café Scientifique is provided by the UCCS Administration and Finance Team.

Contact Brandon Vogt (bvogt@uccs.edu) for more info.