Welcome to BioFrontiers at UCCS!

The UCCS Center of the University of Colorado BioFrontiers Institute (BioFrontiers-UCCS) is devoted to collaborations between scientists across disciplines to advance biotechnology. The initial focus of BioFrontiers-UCCS is to complete collaborative research projects in biology and physics. Our goal is to attract talented researchers and students by providing an environment that encourages and rewards innovative thinking and collaborative research. As BioFrontiers-UCCS grows, additional research areas will be added, bridging such disciplines as physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, computational science, and biology.

The BioFrontiers Institute began at CU Boulder as the Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology (CIMB) and has evolved into a system-wide program. The Institute is headquartered on the CU Boulder campus and is currently headed by Tom Cech (Nobel Prize winner) and Leslie Leinwand. We anticipate active collaboration between researchers at the different campuses. As an extension of the BioFrontiers Institute in Boulder,  BioFrontiers-UCCS currently has seven faculty members whose research will contribute to the BioFrontiers effort. We have extensive lab facilities and equipment in the new Osborne Science and Engineering Center. 

BioFrontiers-UCCS is funded by a generous donation from the CU Foundation.



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More Information

For more information, please contact:

Robert Camley, Distinguished Professor of Physics

Kristen Petersen, Operations Manager

Yuriy Garbovskiy, BioPhysics Lab Manager