Dining & Hospitality


UCCS Fuels Success
Healthy. Wholesome. Delicious. Meals at UCCS are crafted with you at heart.

At UCCS, we believe dining is crucial in our goal of serving you to better your health and wellness. With a variety of options across campus, we’re ready to serve you wholesome food, much of which is organic and produced locally. With the Office of Sustainability, we work hard to reduce waste and ensure your food is prepared with your health and safety at the top of mind. Across campus, you’ll find more than six eateries with delectable options in styles including all-you-care-to-eat, restaurant-style, grab-and-go and more.

Where You'll Be Eating

  • Jaw-dropping views, mouthwatering food

    With Pikes Peak as a sweeping backdrop, you’ll be able to indulge in a micro restaurant experience featuring a deli, salad bar and four distinct cuisines in an all-you-care-to-eat style.

  • Put cravings to rest just steps from your residence hall

    Featuring three distinct micro-restaurant concepts, in addition to a salad bar and deli, you’ll never run out of new things to try in this all-you-care-to-eat style hall, which was recently renovated.

  • Food you want on the go

    We know you’re busy, and Alpine Express was designed with fast, healthy consumables at heart. You’ll find grocery items, drinks, snacks and much more at this location, which is attached to the beautiful Roaring Fork dining hall.

  • Fueling your journey, all across campus

    With four separate locations across campus, Big Cat Coffee draws upon the UCCS mission to fuel your success. You’ll find espresso and other coffee beverages, baked goods, sandwiches and more, all intermingled with the places you’ll be achieving your degree.

  • Centrally located, universally loved

    A marketplace-style dining experience with meals to power you through the day, located at the center of campus. Popular offerings include pizza, sandwiches and much more.

  • Home-style cooking in an atmosphere you won’t want to leave

    Our unique gastropub is a hub of both activities for the campus community, as well as a beloved community restaurant utilizing locally-sourced meats and vegetables.

Sustainability is at Our Core
Whether we’re constructing a new building or feeding thousands of students, UCCS is devoted to sustainability and integrating it into all operations. Our dining is no different, leading us on a goal towards zero-waste, strategic planning and sound decision making.
The Food You Love, Grown on Campus
Educational, delicious and nutritious: the UCCS Farm
The expert farmers and volunteers at the UCCS Farm have turned a pile of sand into tenable soil, producing more than 9,000 pounds of food since June of 2013. The opportunity is used both in educational courses, as well as to provide fresh, organic produce to our UCCS restaurants.

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