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Volume 61, Issue 4

October 23, 2009

“Reach Higher” captures UCCS student goals

A new UCCS promotional campaign is hitting the airwaves, local newspapers and the hands of prospective students.

The “Reach Higher” campaign is being used as part of a coordinated effort with the Office of Admissions and Records to recruit students, according to Allison Swickard-Gorman, director of marketing, University Advancement. But the campaign is also intended to pull together UCCS marketing efforts beyond student recruitment.

Radio advertisements are being aired on stations with large under-25-year-old audiences. Print advertisements featuring current UCCS students are being published in local and regional newspapers, including high school papers. The “Reach Higher” theme is also being carried through a new set of recruitment-specific materials including direct mail and brochures used by admissions counselors when visiting with high school and transfer students.

After extensive review of research on UCCS audiences and competitors, the theme was developed by a subset of members from the University Marketing Team and included representatives from Admissions and Records, University Advancement, Information Technology, and university auxiliary units. The group worked in conjunction with Blakely + Company, a local agency.

“The entire reach higher theme is based on input from students who told us they seek to do more in their lives,” Swickard-Gorman said. “The theme captures the essence of UCCS students who are often working, may be the first in their families to attend college, and who aspire to do great things.”

In contrast to previous promotional efforts, considerable energy is being spent to integrate the theme into non-student recruitment materials and to track return on investment. The “Reach Higher” theme is also being incorporated into alumni and community relations efforts.

Swickard-Gorman directed the strategy and coordination of the new campaign and Jeff Foster, multimedia marketing coordinator, University Advancement, served as art director.

Samples of some promotional materials that are using the “Reach Higher” theme follow.

Radio Spots

"Our Students Reach Higher"

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"We Don't Want to Brag..."

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Reaching Higher ad


Materails sample

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