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Volume 59, Issue 1

July, 2009

West lawn in place

Facilities services landscaping crews got about 50 pairs of helping hands July 11 in creating the first-ever west lawn of UCCS.

“And to think, this was a parking lot,” Brian Burnett, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance told faculty and staff who donated time to complete the job. “Now, we have a bigger open space where students can gather, toss a Frisbee or just hang out between classes.”

Facilities crews completed the bulk of the lawn, leaving a muddy – thanks to overnight storms -- and organically fertilized portion for those who normally work behind desks to complete. Volunteers were responsible for about 16 pallets or 20 percent of the total, saving the university an estimated $1,200 in labor costs, according to Gary Reynolds, executive director, Facilities Services.

“This is a great team-building experience,” Paul Schauer, regent emeritus, said as he carried a 20 pound roll of sod.

Schauer drove from Centennial for the 7:30 a.m. start. Others came from homes closer to campus and many brought friends and family members to join in the festivities. By 9 a.m., only 90 minutes after the volunteer effort began, Carolyn Fox, architect, Facilities Services, put the final piece into place.

As a result, there were more takers of water donated by Burnett than the beer he’d planned for an afternoon celebration.

“This went faster than I thought,” Burnett, covered from head to toe in mud, said. “This was another testament to the spirit of this campus community. It’s great to be a part of this special place.”


  • Peg Bacon, provost
  • Brad Bayer, executive director, Student Life and Leadership
  • Brian Burnett, vice chancellor, Administration and Finance
  • Tim Cannon, student employment
  • Phil Chappell, budget analyst, Resource Management
  • Roberto Contreras, friend
  • Rebecca Cope, assistant director of operations, University Center
  • Anthony Cordova, director, Multicultural Affairs and Student Outreach
  • Andrea Cordova, executive assistant, Chancellor’s Office
  • Jeff Davis, director, University Center
  • Rob Dougherty, director, Physical Plant
  • Mariness Falcon, general professional, Facilities Services
  • David Fenell, professor, Education
  • Sam Fleming, friend
  • Carolyn Fox, architect, Facilities Services
  • Barbara Gaddis, director, Student Retention and First Year Experience
  • Jamie Garcia, associate director of development, CU Foundation and family
  • Craig Ginter, grounds and nursery, Physical Plant
  • Alex Goodwin, student
  • Dan Granger, friend
  • Chris Hedrick, friend
  • Victoria Hogan,friend
  • Steve Horner, Residence Life
  • Carole Huber, senior instructor, Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Tom Huber, professor, Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Tom Hutton, director, University Advancement
  • Steve Kirkham, director, Athletics
  • Kirstin Knobbe, student
  • Kevin Koehler, friend
  • Brooke Koenig, general professional, Financial Aid and Student Employment
  • Debbie Lapioli, executive assistant, Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance
  • Steve Linhart, executive director, Student Support and Judicial Affairs
  • Michael Lopez, friend
  • Pete March, grounds and nursery, Physical Plant
  • John Palka, student
  • Michael Quigle, student
  • Gary Reynolds, executive director, Facilities Services
  • Adam Saffer, assistant, Chancellor’s Office
  • Paul Schauer, regent emeritus
  • Gayanne Scott, executive director, Resource Management
  • Susan Szpyrka, associate vice chancellor, Administration and Finance
  • Julia Tanner, friend
  • Kee Warner, associate vice chancellor for Diversity, Academic Affairs
  • Samantha Winter, friend
  • Martin Wood, chief operating officer, University Advancement
  • Keith Woodring, grounds and nursery, Physical Plant, and family


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