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University Relations

Volume 50, Issue 5

October 31, 2008

No tower, no problem for UCCS radio

There isn’t a transmitter, a tower, or a coveted Federal Communications Commission license to broadcast at UCCS.

But Radio UCCS, formerly known as iSAMI, is celebrating its move from a windowless back room to new quarters at the University Center and administrative ties to the university’s Information Technology Department.

An open house today in the University Center allowed members of the campus and broader community to learn about 21st century radio which utilizes the Internet to carry information and entertainment programs.

“One of the beautiful things about this station is its ability to bring a piece of Colorado to the world,” Margaret Mistry, station co-founder, and senior instructor, Languages and Cultures, said. “We have listeners who are down the hall as well as on different continents, something that would never be possible with traditional radio.”

Mistry, who worked as a teenager at New York City’s WNYC and later at KCME in Colorado Springs, joined forces with Jugal Kalita, professor, Engineering, to harness the power of the Internet and to create what each hopes will be the voice of UCCS. For the past five years, the duo built grass root support for the station, enlisting volunteers to help with programs that range from soccer to business, psychology to Latin music, and interviews with university leaders.

“The Chancellor’s Corner’ program, spearheaded by Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak, just celebrated its three-year anniversary,” Mistry said. “Her passion for transparent communication comes through loud and clear. She wants people to know what has been done for and by the students and this campus.”

There are no syndicated programs, professional disc jockeys, or legions of staff at Radio UCCS. Mistry and Kalita, assisted by a small group of students, carried the station, fixed problems as they arose, and brainstormed solutions. Their efforts were boosted when the station earned space in the University Center, close to offices for the student newspaper and other student clubs and organizations, under the administrative arm of Information Technology.

Mistry hopes the increased visibility will draw students interested in extending their classroom learning. The admittedly non-technical Mistry applauded IT support which has already brought the station increased prominence on the university’s website as well as quick response to technical difficulties.

“There is much talent on this campus,” Mistry said. “Our best hope is that our listeners increase their appreciation of the mental muscle of our students, staff, faculty, and administration. Radio is a unique way to ‘hear strength!’”

To listen to the station, visit For questions, contact Mistry, or 262-3085.


“One of the beautiful things about this station is its ability to bring a piece of Colorado to the world”

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