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University Relations

June 26, 2008 Communique

Summer enrollment even

UCCS summer enrollment increased 2 percent increase from last year, according to figures released following a June 16 census by the Office of Admissions and Records.

For Summer 2008, there were 2,839 students who enrolled in summer classes, a 57 student increase from the 2,782 students who enrolled a year ago, according to Steve Ellis, registrar and executive director of student systems, Admissions and Records. But while there are more students, they enrolled in fewer classes.
“We had a one-tenth of one percent increase in full-time equivalent enrollment,” Ellis said. “We believe we have more students on campus but that students are enrolling in fewer classes. The effect is that we’re essentially even with last year.”

Ellis speculated that some students decided to work more this summer and not take classes or, possibly, high gas prices are preventing students from taking courses.

Ellis and Randall Langston, director, Enrollment Services, agree that student behavior over the summer may place additional pressure on fall enrollment. UCCS hopes to increase enrollment by 2.5 percent next year. Applications to the university by freshmen for the fall semester are strong as is attendance at orientation sessions, Langston said.

“UCCS is looking ahead and is very excited about enrollment for fall,” Langston said. “We are currently engaged in very positive one-on-one personalization efforts with prospective students and their families. UCCS remains a great value for students considering Colorado higher education.”

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