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University Relations

May 16, 2008 Communique


Employee Job Title Department Years of Service University Service Date
Jessica Wood Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Intercollegiate Athletics 5-years 08/01/2002
Dana Rocha DirVet&MilStdAff/CmpsWdExtStds VCAA 5-years 06/16/2003
Cynthia Brown Program Asst I College of Education 5-years 05/19/2003
Sally Greene Administrative Asst III Bookstore 5-years 09/01/2002
Sheryl Botts Program Asst I College of LAS 5-years 05/01/2003
Carol Pacheco Library Technician II Kraemer Family Library 5-years 08/05/2002
Jose Sanchez Custodian I Facilities Services 5-years 04/01/2003
Valerie Bivens-Young GP IV/HR Specialist HR Office 5-years 11/01/2002
Ronald Honn GP III/Env Health&Safety Mgr Public Safety 5-years 03/01/2003
Matthew Doyle Administrative Asst II Mailroom 5-years 05/22/2003
Dixie Vandeputte Director Counseling Center Counseling Center 5-years 03/01/2003
Megan Broeren Administrative Asst III Student Success Center 5-years 03/25/2003
Catherine Archibald Program Asst I College of Education 10-years 06/08/1998
Ida Bauer Director Family Development Ctr Family Development Center 10-years 01/19/1198
Josephine Benavidez General Professional V Pre-Collegiate Program 10-years 01/10/1998
Brian Karnes Structural Trades II Facilities Services 10-years 09/08/1997
Beverly Kratzer General Professional II Student Success Center 10-years 09/01/1997
Mary Kunkel General Professional III Facilities Services 10-years 04/01/1998
Jayne Lloyd General Professional III Kraemer Family Library 10-years 06/01/1998
Bettina Moore Dir-Alumni Rel & Comm Rel College of Engineering & Applied Science 10-years 08/01/1997
Scott Rehorst Laboratory Coordinator I LAS - Physics 10-years 12/01/1997
Karen Sangermano DMBA Program Director College of Business 10-years 06/01/1998
LeeAnna Slyman Sales Manager I Bookstore 10-years 11/17/1997
Sean Staples IT Professional III College of Engineering & Applied Science 10-years 12/22/1997
Kimberly Weaver Program Asst I Bookstore 10-years 11/17/1997
Marian Harris Program Asst I Admissions & Records 15-years 05/24/1993
Rosemarie Hill Production IV/Printer Print & Copy Services 15-years 08/01/1992
Jim Muniz LTC Operations I Facilities Services 15-years 12/14/1992
Michael Belding IT Professional IV Information Technology 20-years 01/20/1988
Scott Carter Electronic Engineer II Information Technology 20-years 03/07/1988
Mark Hoffman Gen Prof IV/Student Empl Coord Financial Aid/Student Employment 20-years 01/19/1988
Mary Lou Kartis Gen Prof III/Asst to Dean-SPA School of Public Affairs 20-years 01/01/1988
Deborah Young Prod V/Print Shop Manager Print & Copy Services 25-years 01/01/1983
Lauren Williams Library Technician III Kraemer Family Library 30-years 08-16/1977

Service time completed on or before June 30, 2008 (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008)

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