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University Relations

May 9, 2008 Communique

Students create mural for Ent

UCCS Ent Mural

A mural created by UCCS students for Ent Federal Credit Union was unveiled Friday afternoon at the service center in the University Center.

Students in the Advanced Digital Imaging class created “Green No. 12” to emphasize the credit union mission of “people helping people” by trying to create a more environmentally conscious community. It stressed that individual citizens can make a difference when they come together and a common bond with the natural world.
Simplicity and an attraction to a contemporary genre of artwork inspired the images chosen by the students. Lead by Matt Jenkins, artist in residence, Visual and Performing Arts, the mural team of John Keitel, Nick Hertzog, Karen Freed, Grace Galloway, Brendyn Errol-Hatfield and Kelly Couch each designed and created individual panels of the mural and then worked them all together for the final product, an 11-foot-tall piece of original art. To unify the panels and emphasize that everyone is unique, each student incorporated a thumbprint into their section of the piece.

 At the unveiling, the students received a cash prize for their work and a plaque in their honor will be placed at the mural.

“We were very impressed with what the students created and are proud to display it in our service center here at UCCS. Each student put a tremendous amount of thought into their section of the mural, and their creativity and artistic ability definitely shows in the final product,” Chris Chippindale, director of operations, Ent, said.

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