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University Relations

April 25, 2008 Communique

Faculty and Staff Games . . . what the heck?

Everyone at the Recreation Center is very “hush-hush” about the specifics of the first ever Faculty and Staff Games on Friday, May 2, from 2 – 5 p.m., at the UCCS Recreation Center.

“They don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage, so they (the organizers) are being very quite about what exactly the games will be,” Tamara Moore, director of auxiliary marketing services, said.

What is known about the Faculty and Staff Games?

  • There will be lots of great prizes. Everything from gift cards to local food establishments, to spray painted used sneakers. Ok, maybe that last prize isn’t so great.
  • No athletic ability is required, just a positive attitude.
  • Individuals can participate as part of a team (four to seven people per team), or sign up as a “free agent.”
  • To date, there is a diverse team list. The UCCS Police Department has a team, there is a team of librarians, and there is even a team called the Psychos – a group of psychology professors.

To register for the games, contact Tim at the Recreation Center at tstoeckl@uccs or at extension 7519.

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