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University Relations

March 21, 2008 Communique

Not just any mountain lion

Clyde the Lion looking right

An 18 month-old, 165-pound male mountain lion visited students, faculty and staff today in the UCCS gym. No ordinary mountain lion; he is the new, live UCCS mascot.

Donated by Serenity Springs Wildlife Rescue in Calhan, the mountain lion will soon make visits to campus. Starting fall semester 2008, the mountain lion, still a “kitten,” will be a regular at events like basketball games. And while today he visited via the confines of his cage, in the future, he’ll be with his handlers on a leash.

Currently the mountain lion answers to the name Clyde, but students, staff and faculty will have the chance to submit the name they think best suits him and his new responsibilities as the UCCS mascot, according to Robert Wonnett, vice chancellor, Student Success.

In addition to the mountain lion’s regular visits to campus, students can also see the mountain lion, and 150 other big cats, through volunteering and applying for internships at the Serenity Springs Big Cat Rescue. For more information on how to volunteer, please contact Meredith Barrow at

Clyde the Lion closeup Clyde the Lion open mouth Clyde, the Lion, lying down

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