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University Relations

Feb. 29, 2008 Communique

UCCS joins education effort to secure nation’s ports, islands

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs will help education efforts to secure the nation’s ports and islands as part of a Department of Homeland Security Centers of Excellence Awards announced Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The UCCS Center for Homeland Security was selected to work as part of a team for research and education to support maritime, island and port security. The team members will be led by researchers at the University of Hawaii and Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J., to develop plans to protect the Alaskan pipeline, mitigate natural threats including earthquakes and tsunamis, and improve port security.

"Investments in long-term, basic research are vital for the future of homeland security," said Jay M. Cohen, under secretary for science and technology.  "These colleges and universities are leaders in their fields of study.  They will provide scientific expertise, high-quality resources, and independent thought -- all valuable to securing America."

The UCCS Center for Homeland Security was selected because of its strong relationship with U.S. Northern Command, according to Steve Recca, director, UCCS Center for Homeland Security, and will assist through educational and training efforts that involve faculty That command has as part of its responsibilities the monitoring of national threats that may come by sea. Additionally, the UCCS center worked previously with the Hawaii-based Pacific Disaster Center.

“We are proud to be part of a very accomplished center of excellence in an area vital to our long-term national security,” Recca said.

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The Center for Homeland Security at UCCS provides advanced education, conducts leading-edge and applied research and develops process innovation environments that nourish homeland security and defense discoveries. It is one of four centers in the National Institute of Science, Space and Security Centers.

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