Citation Linker Help

Citation Linker Help

Using Citation Linker

Citation Example:

Dunn, J., and M. Derthick. "Judging Money." Education Next 7.1 (2007): 68-74.

Enter the citation information as:

Search form filled out

Click the submit button. If the library has access to the article, the results will look similar to this:

results from search

Click on the Article links to get to the full text article.

No Article Link in Search Results

If no Article link is present (such as in the case below), verify the article's date to see if it falls within the Coverage Range the Journal link offers.

results from search with no article link

If the Coverage Range does not include the article's date, look into the More full-text options to access the article.

No Search Results Found

Got a message saying Sorry, no holdings were found for this journal? There could be several reasons for this. Use the following steps to locate the article:

  1. Verify the citation information is correct. Check to be sure the Journal name or ISSN is typed correctly and the citation information is valid. If you are unsure, contact Research Assistance at 719-255-3295 or email us at
  2. Check to see if the library has the journal/newspaper title you are looking for. Search the library's Print and Electronic Journal Holdings. If the library has that journal/newspaper, does it have the year you require? (Remember to check the Coverage Range). Also, if you see a Kraemer Library Print Holdings link, click on it to see the library's print holdings of that journal. The library may have access to the article in print.