Gateway Program Seminar

Welcome to the Gateway Program Seminar (GPS)!

Gateway Program Seminar is a unique, academic course designed for the interests and needs of UCCS freshmen. This required course exposes students to in-depth analysis of an interdisciplinary topic or academic discipline while also preparing first year students for academic and psychological adjustments to college life. Talented UCCS faculty and staff work collaboratively in GPS to provide meaningful, enriching academic experiences to help students successfully navigate the freshman year.

I am honored and excited to be the new Faculty Director of GPS and follow in the footsteps of Dr. Constance Staley. Dr. Staley is the steward of UCCS's freshman seminar which has evolved into the GPS course. Inspiring freshmen to harness their intellect, skills, abilities, determination and enthusiasm to become successful within the UCCS community is important to me. Almost 30 years ago, I was the first in my family to attend a university. As the saying goes, one can have an accidental or intentional freshman year. I was nervous and intimidated as I tried to identify the practices that would allow me to be successful. Because of the work I did, the risks I took, my willingness to ask for help and the support I received, my induction to college was more intentional -with only a few accidents along the way.

I found my way - and you can too.
We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Julaine Field

What is the objective of the Gateway Program Seminar (GPS)?

GPS courses help you learn more about:

  • What a university education means and why it is important.
  • Acting as a responsible, academically professional university student with the necessary civic, ethical, and social competencies.
  • Navigating campus technology and online databases; cultivate research skills; and locate campus resources that will help you succeed.
  • Refining your critical and analytical speaking, and listening skills.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Gather, critically analyze and evaluate quantitative information within relevant disciplinary contexts.
  • Gather, critically analyze and evaluate qualitative information within relevant disciplinary contexts.
  • Apply and integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines.
  • Communicate through reading and/or writing to receive, comprehend, and convey information.
  • Communicate through a prepared, purposeful, presentation or goal-oriented interpersonal or group interaction.

All GPS 1010 students are REQUIRED to attend Start Up Days (SUDS), Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

This is prior to the start of the regular semester, but counts as class time. After the semester starts, students will meet weekly with their GPS 1010 class for 12 weeks, ending in mid-November. GPS 1010 classes cannot be changed once you have attended your first day of Start Up Days.