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College of Business undergraduate students will earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Business or a Bachelor of Innovation degree. There are 11 areas of emphasis where Business students can focus their area of study and graduate with a particular distinction, such as Finance, Accounting, or PGA Golf Management. For more on areas of emphasis, visit our Areas of Emphasis page.

Graduate students can earn a Masters of Business Administration, or MBA degree or a Master of Science in Accounting, or MSA degree. Again, there are specific areas of emphasis that MBA students can specialize in. For more information on the MBA and MSA degrees, visit our Masters Degree page.

Admission to the UCCS College of Business is competitive. Admitted undergraduate students generally have an ACT composite of 24 (22 Math, 24 English) or above, or an SAT score of 1080 (Verbal + Math) or above, and fall within the top 30% of their senior class. However, students with lower credentials can still be admitted. For more information on strengthening your admission candidacy, visit our Future Students Undergraduate Admission page.

For graduate admission questions, please contact our Graduate Programs Office.

Most undergraduate students at the UCCS College of Business who are Colorado residents will spend between $7,024 - $8,658 on tuition and fees per year (depending on the number of classes he/she takes). For students from states that participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program, this ranges from $12,676 - $15,274. For other non-resident students, this ranges from $18,436 - $18,565.

On-campus housing expense averages $10,200 per year, including meals.

For a more detailed breakdown of what your costs could be, visit our Costs & Financial Aid page.

For details about graduate student costs, please contact our Graduate Programs office.

College of Business students are positioned for success through internships and career placement, as well as real-world business skills that they can apply immediately in the workplace. Employers comment that UCCS College of Business graduates are ready to contribute to their organization right away due to their case-study based training and hands-on experience using the skills they learn in the classroom.

Our Career and Placement Office places hundreds of students into internships and full-time positions each year. Studies show that students who have gained experience in their field through internships are much more likely to secure a position upon graduation. For more information on internship and career placement, please visit our Career & Placement Office website.

Probably not. While managing paying for college and taking on debt is every individual student's responsibility, on average, UCCS graduates do better than most. Based on the most recent published data, UCCS students graduated with an average debt load of approximately $25,500, far below the national average of $35,000. UCCS helps students manage their debt by offering numerous student employment options, as well as generous financial aid awards.

Also, UCCS students manage their debt well, having an average default rate of only 2.8% compared to a national average of 12% (AY 2011-12). For more information on paying for college, please visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid website.


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