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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Writing Portfolio?

The Writing Portfolio is an assessment that undergraduate UCCS students complete in order to demonstrate writing competency. Part of this assessment is to understand how students are writing after they take their core writing courses. The Writing Portfolio is an individual assessment of student writing, but aggregated results are also used as data for college accreditation and university evaluation.

When should I submit my Writing Portfolio?

You will need to submit your portfolio once you have earned 60 credit hours and at least 2 semesters before you plan to graduate. Summer counts as a semester. If you earned a four-year degree prior to the degree you are currently earning, you do not need to complete the Writing Portfolio.

If I don't submit a Writing Portfolio, can I still graduate?

Yes. If you miss your window to turn in the Writing Portfolio, or if you think you might better benefit from additional work on your writing, you may choose to complete another writing course instead of submitting a portfolio. Students may meet the competency requirement by completing either ENGL 3010 or ENGL 3080. Students who do not pass the Writing Portfolio are required to pass either ENGL 3010 or ENGL 3080 with a C or better.

What types of papers can I submit for my Writing Portfolio?

You need at least 2 papers for your Writing Portfolio submission. Papers may be academic, professional, technical, and/or scientific. We require that the papers you submit are each at least 4 pages in length. Make sure that any outside (secondary) sources are acknowledged and cited in the paper, even if the original assignment did not require formal citation. Choose a documentation style that is appropriate for your discipline (MLA, APA, Chicago, ASME, etc.) and include a Works Cited page. At least one of your submission papers must incorporate outside sources. If you don't know which papers to submit, or if you feel you just don't have any papers to submit, stop in and see us during our office hours. We can help you make some decisions.

Can I submit a group-authored paper?

Yes. One of your submissions may be a group project. Highlight the portion of the paper that you wrote so that the portfolio scorers can evaluate that section. Make sure you have written at least 4 pages of the paper.

I am a transfer student. May I submit a paper I wrote at another institution?

Ideally, you will submit papers that you have written for UCCS courses.  However, the portfolio office will accept one paper in transfer.  For more information about this, email the office or stop by during office hours.

How can the Writing Center help me with my Writing Portfolio Submission?

The Writing Center can offer you guidance about revising your Writing Portfolio papers. Their consultants are trained to help you revise your writing for clarity, source integration, and organization. These are the same components that scorers will use to evaluate your Writing Portfolio once you turn it in. For information about their services, go to their website. While helpful in your revision process, visiting the Writing Center does not guarantee that your portfolio will pass.

By whom, and how, is my Writing Portfolio evaluated?

Portfolio papers are read by faculty across the university. Your writing will be evaluated across 5 categories, including Rhetorical Strategy & Purpose, Critical Thinking, Organization, Source Use, and Language.

When will I know my score?

Your score will be posted on Blackboard once your portfolio has been processed. It should be available within a few days following the month you submit, if not earlier.

How do I submit my Writing Portfolio?

Step One: Prepare your papers

  • Identify 2 or 3 eligible papers that you have written for college courses. You may not submit papers from your core writing courses, such as ENGL 1310, 1410, 2080, 2090, or INOV 2100.
  • Make sure that the papers you select are at least 4 pages in length.
  • If you are submitting a group project, highlight the portion that you wrote.
  • Consider revising your papers for clarity, organization, source integration, and mechanics. If you need help doing this, visit the Writing Center for assistance. 

Step Two:  Enroll in PORT 3000

  • Log into your UCCS Student Portal.
  • Under the Students tab, click the Add/Drop/Swap Classes button.
  • Click the Enroll link and search for PORT 3000 under Course Search.
  • Enroll in a section available during the month you would like to submit.
  • Your student account will be charged $25 to cover the cost of processing your portfolio.

Step Three: Upload your portfolio to Blackboard when your section link opens

Note: On or before the 1st of the month corresponding to your section of PORT 3000, instructions will be sent to your UCCS email account. At this time, the Blackboard link for your section will become available to you. By the 5th of the same month, upload your portfolio to Blackboard, using the steps below.

  • Log on to Blackboard and click on Course Content.
  • Find the assignment labeled Submit your Writing Portfolio Here.
  • Respond to the student information and paper information questions.
  • Upload your portfolio papers, ensuring that they are in the form of a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a PDF.
  • Step three takes approximately 15 minutes.