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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the writing portfolio?

The UCCS writing portfolio consists of at least 2,000 words of student writing across at least TWO, but up to THREE papers. All types of writing that you have completed for your courses, including lab reports, memos, proposals, reading responses, treatment plans, narratives, etc., are acceptable types of writing for the portfolio.

All UCCS undergraduates are required to submit a writing portfolio OR take either ENGL 3010 or TCID 3080. Students who already hold Bachelor's degrees are exempt from the portfolio requirement.How do I submit a writing portfolio?

How do I submit a writing portfolio?

The online portfolio submission system is PORT 3000, a "course" that runs every month except January and August. Register for the section of PORT 3000 that corresponds with the month that you would like to submit your writing portfolio.

On the first of the month, the PORT 3000 portal will open in Canvas and you will receive an email to your UCCS account with upload instructions. The process of submitting your papers and answering questions about the writing samples you provide takes about 15 minutes.

If you do not submit your portfolio by the 10th of the month for the section of PORT 3000 in which you are enrolled, you will be dropped from the course and will need to re-enroll in another section.

Note that the PORT 3000 "course" does not meet in person.

What types of papers may I submit?

  • Papers may NOT be from ENGL 1310, 1410, TCID  2080, 2090, or their equivalents. This is because the writing portfolio is an assessment of writing outside of these core writing courses.
  • You must submit at least 2,000 words across at least 2 papers. There is space to upload 3 papers total. So, if you have a paper that is 500 words and one that is 1500 words long, then you may submit just two papers. However, if your papers are shorter, then you may submit three papers in order to reach the required 2000 total word count. Note that works cited lists, tables, and charts are NOT included in the total word count. You may submit more than 2000 words of your writing if you wish.
  • One paper may be from a non-UCCS institution.
  • Papers may be lab reports, proposals, memos, reading responses, case studies, treatment plans, narratives, and other forms of writing. Faculty scorers are accustomed to evaluating all types of writing and have all different backgrounds (e.g. engineering, healthcare, philosophy, humanities, computing, etc.)
  • All genres of writing are acceptable. With that said, the writing samples that you submit should have a main idea, paragraph organization, and hold together with central thoughts. For this reason, powerpoint slides are not acceptable submissions. Essay exams and reflective writing may be revised to submit to the portfolio.
  • One of your papers may be group authored. Please underline or otherwise indicate the section(s) that you wrote within the document.
  •  At least one of your papers should demonstrate that you can reference sources in your writing. Any citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA, IEEE, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Many students majoring in languages, such as Spanish, have papers written in languages other than English. However, the Writing Portfolio is an assessment of Written English Competency, so papers submitted must be written in English.

When should I submit my writing portfolio?

After you have earned at least 60 credit hours and completed ENGL 1410 or TCID 2080/2090, or its equivalent. You should submit their writing portfolio at least one semester prior to graduation, However, you may submit your portfolio early in your final graduation semester.

Why do students have to submit a writing portfolio?

The purpose of the writing portfolio is to assess individual students' writing competency and to provide aggregated data about student writing performance to departments and programs for the purposes of assessment and accreditation.

Who will assess my writing portfolio? How will it be assessed?

Faculty across disciplines score writing portfolios using a standardized rubric, which provides a different type of evaluation compared to the grades students earn on their writing assignments in courses.

When will I know the results of my writing portfolio assessment?

The grade for your portfolio will be posted in your student portal (DARS) at the beginning of the following month. If there are issues with your Writing Portfolio, Dr. Neely will contact you directly via your UCCS email address.

What happens if I fail the Writing Portfolio?

While most students do pass this requirement, students who do not pass the writing portfolio must take either ENGL 3010, Advanced Rhetoric and Writing, or TCID 3080, Advanced Business and Technical Writing.

I would like some support in preparing papers to submit for the writing portfolio. Where can I find some help?

The UCCS Writing Center (https://www.uccs.edu/writingcenter/for-students) offers support for students who are revising writing for course assignments and for their writing portfolio. Online and in-person appointments are available via the writing center website (https://www.uccs.edu/writingcenter/)

I still have questions about the writing portfolio. Whom can I talk with about this?

Contact Dr. Michelle Neely, the Director of Writing across the Curriculum and the Writing Portfolio, via email at MNeely2@uccs.edu. You may also call her at (719) 255-4887.