Online Services

For online appointments, students and consultants meet in WCOnline, our online scheduling system. Through this program,  you can share projects from your computer and discuss them in real-time with one our our peer consultants. You'll need a computer with a camera and microphone to take advantage of our online appointment system. If these are not available to you, it might be best to come to the Writing Center in-person.

To schedule an online appointment, please complete the following steps:

1. Click on "Make an Appointment" button on our home page.  Schedule your appointment like normal, but choose "yes" in the drop down menu that asks if you would like an online appointment.

2. View our Online Appointment Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough for how to set up your online appointment.

3. Before the session begins, double check to make sure your camera and microphone are functioning.

4. Check in to your online appointment at least five minutes early. This will give you time to copy and paste your project into the online whiteboard, as well as check for any technical issues before the session begins.

When logging on for an online appointment, it's best to get your computer set-up a few minutes early, just in case you run into technology issues.

If you are unable to log into WCOnline, please call the Writing Center front desk at 719-255-4336.

If your technology issues can't be solved, you may need to reschedule your appointment or come to the Writing Center in-person.  Your consultant will discuss these options with you if there is an issue.

Note: Please use either Chrome or Firefox, and make sure your microphone is working/enabled. Otherwise, we will be unable to run your online session.