For Faculty

The Writing Center offers faculty:

  • Consultation and collaboration
  • In-class workshops (see our Workshops page or below)
  • Peer review facilitation
  • Assignment reviews
  • Information resources

Faculty are invited to utilize the Writing Center for assignment review. We've developed this service because it's always a good idea to test an assignment on a "real" audience.

If you're developing a new assignment, you can meet with Dr. Matthew Balk ( or with a student consultant to look for ways to increase clarity and/or increase student engagement with the assignment.

The Writing Center offers a variety of workshops designed to support faculty in classrooms. Each interactive workshop is facilitated by trained Writing Center consultants.  All workshops are one hour in length except the Writing Center Introduction, which is often paired with other workshops.

Visit our Workshops page for brief descriptions of our workshop offerings and to request a workshop. If you'd like to discuss other options, please email Dr. Matthew Balk at  While we aim to accommodate all requests, please allow 2 weeks for scheduling and processing.


Our Excel@Writing Workshops are a workshop series offered by Dr. Balk and the tutors in the Writing Center.  They cover everything from personal statements to creative writing prompts.  By presenting on a wide variety of topics, we hope to engage students on different aspects of writing, both for academic and creative ends.
These workshops are meant to be for all students, and we encourage you to make your students aware of these workshops, even as an extra credit opportunity.

Tell your students what the Writing Center is all about - we're about making better writers. The Writing Center is designed to meet students where they are and support them in their learning. Our hope is that the peer consultation model makes the act of asking for help less intimidating. Please tell your students about the Writing Center and encourage them to visit. 

You probably can't "make" your students use the Writing Center (students who are required to come often don't actually engage in the session), but you can certainly encourage them to use it. Mentioning the Writing Center during class, inviting consultants to your class for a workshop, or taking a class "field trip" to the Writing Center may help students feel more comfortable being in the Writing Center and using our services.

The Writing Center can support your classes through writing-oriented workshops. You can find more information about our offerings here. Additionally, the Writing Center can help you craft clear, concise, and strong writing prompts through the assignment review process (see above section).