Pancakes & Poetry: February 14th, 10:00AM-12:00PM

Stop by the writing center to write a poem and get pancakes!

Creative Invention 1/31 1:30-2:30PM
Suffering from writer's block? Having trouble generating new ideas? Just need time to write? Here is your answer! Join us for an evening of explorative writing. This workshop provides a relaxed atmosphere and open ended prompts. From the second you step into this workshop, you will embark on a journey through audio and visual stimuli. You will leave this workshop with a new outlook on the possibilities of inspiration in your writing process.

Close Reading 2/28 1:30-2:30PM

Do you want to understand the books you read on a deeper level? Close reading can enable you to extract more meaning from almost anything you read. This skill is essential for English majors, but can be useful in many other disciplines. The workshop will provide a basic introduction to the practice of close reading, by examining a selection of short texts and engaging in group discussion.

Craft Talk 3/20 10:30-11:30AM

Hoping to get a more in-depth look at the elements of creative writing? The Craft Talk: Perspective will focus on the elements of creating and building from point of view and perspective. To do this we must first find ways to define and describe what perspective, specifically in fiction, is. Every piece of creative writing starts with consideration of perspective and point of view, where many other elements, such as character, rely on its creation. To put this into practice we will do some free-writing in order to solidify these concepts.

Cubing 2:30-3:30PM

This workshop explores the groundbreaking brainstorming technique of Cubing. During the workshop, we will introduce Cubing, and put it into practice. Bring ideas or topics from assignments you're working, or just show up with an open mind. The cube awaits you!

Popcorn Writing 3:00-4:00PM

Calling all popcorn lovers! At this Excel @ Writing Workshop, we will further develop our knowledge of creative writing whilst honing our popcorn-consuming craft. Plan on composing a short paragraph and then trade papers with your peers to let them expand upon your story from there! We will incorporate many different writing techniques, from poetry to persuasion. There's something for everyone, and we don't discriminate based on popcorn flavor preference.

De-Stress 5/4 2:00-3:00PM

Finals week is a time where time management and sleep fall second to studying sessions and late-night coffee breaks, but this workshop aims to provide ways to de-stress during the trying times of the semester. To do this, we will discuss time management strategies and ways that we can integrate things that we enjoy into our study sessions as a way to minimize stress.