Interested in working at the Writing Center?  Want to know more about what we do?  Check out the information below!

front desk
  • Collaborate with students at all levels and from diverse backgrounds
  • Talk with students about their projects and offer insight into the writing process
  • Help make better writers, not just better writing
  • Talk with students across the curriculum about topics ranging from robotics to nursing to Shakespeare to resumes
  • Facilitate in-class and in-center workshops
  • Develop educational materials for workshops and consulting
  • Conduct research and assessment projects

Of course!  We frequently hire students who are not English majors to work in the Writing Center.  

When hiring, we look at three things:

  • Your familiarity with writing concepts and elements
  • Your ability to engage collaboratively with students
  • Your desire to help students develop stronger writing skills

Note: While it is not required to become a Writing Consultant, preference will be given to students who have taken/will be taking ENGL 3800/4800: Writing Center Theory and Practice, or who have prior Writing Center experience.

First, we recommend that you stop by the Writing Center, either with a paper of your own or simply to get a sense of our space.  Feel free to chat with Dr. Balk or any of the Writing Consultants about working in the Writing Center.

Next, please fill out our application materials and email them to Dr. Balk. We typically do most of our hiring near the beginning of the semester, but feel free to submit an application at any time (especially during the summer months).

Once your materials have been received and reviewed, we will contact you to determine the next steps.