Avoiding Burnout

Compiled by Emily Katseanes, Spring 2020

Further Reading about Mental Health in Higher Ed:

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Resources for Therapy and Therapists:

Aspen Pointe. Free and affordable mental health care in Colorado Springs:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Psychology Today’s Find a Therapist function

Americans With Disabilities Act facts regarding mental illness (yes, this is a protected class)

Mental Health Support

Cambio is an entirely donation-based yoga studio (suggested sliding scale starts at $7/class)

Yoga with Adriene offers several once-a-day, month-long free videos

There are a lot of meditation apps, so, of course, Oprah has rounded up the best ones

The National Education Association’s Advocate, which publishes a yearly salary issue to help you advocate for yourself

Free coloring pages, if that’s your thing

Getting started with mindfulness

Podcasts: A plethora. Fear-Based Life, Where shall we start?, The hilarious World of Depression, Mental Illness Happy Hour, Meditation Minis, Throwing Shade, The Happiness Lab. Here’s another good list.