Outdoor Wireless Project - Phase One

drill team
The boring and drilling team install new conduit for the new bollards that will house an access point.


pole conduit
Inspection of flex conduit feeding network cabling into pole.


The goal of the Outdoor Wireless Project was to increase wireless coverage outdoors along the main pedestrian spine and along the most highly trafficked areas. Prior to this project, there were only 27 outdoor wireless access points. Most of these existing access points were located on newer and recently constructed buildings such as the ENT Center and the Village at Alpine Valley buildings. No outdoor wireless coverage existed in major areas such as around EPC and the UC, Summit Village, West Lawn, Cragmor Green, and in front of Dwire and Main Hall.


Early planning for this project began in fall of 2017. Through much of 2018 the planning and design of the project took place, with installtion beginning in November of 2018. Installation wrapped up in March 2019, followed by extensive testing and tuning of the network. The new wireless was officially launched in April 2019.
The project added 40 new outdoor access points to the UCCS campus. The focus was along the pedestrian spine from Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center all the way to Cragmor Hall. Coverage also exists in front of EPC, the UC, and Centennial to provide coverage along those sidewalks and the shuttle and city bus stop pickups.
This project implemented "phase one" of the Wireless Team's overall goal in expanding outdoor wireless coverage across campus. They hope to expand and add additional outdoor access points in future phases as project money becomes available. There are additional areas they would like covered, and would like to address coverage gaps between some of the current access points.
building mounted AP
New outdoor access point mounted at the Rec Center.


building mounted AP
New outdoor access point mounted near Cragmor Hall.