Wireless Projects

Project: Outdoor Wireless Phase 2
Status: Conception Phase

Description: With the success of Phase 1 of our outdoor wireless project, we are beginning early conception and initiation talks regarding a Phase 2 to increase outdoor coverage.

Project: Shuttle Wi-Fi
Status: In Progress

Description: Install wireless access points on UCCS shuttle buses to provide wireless signal while in operation. Users will see the same networks as if in a campus building. Currently beta testing on 3 shuttles, and designing a permanent solution for 12 shuttles.
Project: Outdoor Wireless Phase 1
Status: Completed

Description: Installed 40 new outdoor access points along the pedestrian spine between the Rec Center and Cragmor Hall. Also increased coverage on West Lawn, Cragmor Green, and Telluride Quad.
Project: eduroam
Status: Completed

Description: UCCS has joined the eduroam community, and the eduroam wireless network is now available and live at UCCS. This also means that UCCS faculty/staff/students can utilize the eduroam network for free internet access when they visit other participating institutes.