Why Assess Student Learning


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One of UCCS's goals is to engage in continuous evaluation and improvement of student learning.


Assurance of student learning activities can help departments:

·    Ensure that learning is taking place in the domains of concern to your faculty

·         Evaluate the level of student learning taking place

·         Evaluate the progress of student learning through the program

·         Respond to changes in the profession and future employers

·         Provide diagnostic feedback to students at strategic points during the program

·         Explore curriculum or course level modifications, to insure that students have ample opportunities to engage in learning activities related to departmental student learning outcomes.

·    Ensure that you are providing students with the educational experience that the program set out in your departmental mission statement.

·         Support requests for additional faculty, T.A.’s or R.A.’s and budget requests

·         Document student achievement for future employers, future students, and external constituents


What do we expect from academic program assurance of student learning activities?


What we are looking for is viable data that can present a clear, overall sense of student competencies related to your student learning outcomes, that can inform decisions that may be used to improving student learning.


Many departments are reluctant to engage in assessment activities because they know that the end result is unlikely to produce statistical significance.  We are not looking for statistical significance, neither are we looking for publishable data.  Although many departments could publish or present their assessment activities and their findings to interested peers that are also engaging in academic program assessment.




Updated Summer, 2016